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Canada has over 100 higher education institutions with over 1500 study programs. Choosing the right institution and the right program requires extensive insider knowledge. At Skilled Collar we offer our expertise to help future students navigate the Canadian higher education system with the aim to make appropriate choices. We will also continue our support beyond getting your student visa and arriving in Canada, where we offer immigration support in applying for your work permit. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one meeting please get in touch with us. Hiring the right international talent can be a daunting task for Canadian employers. No worries, Skilled Collar Canada is there to do just that! We spare our partners the time and the financial resources to hire the best skilled workers. We make sure that all your immigration duties are dealt with in the most professional manner. We also offer pre-arrival services to help with the induction process. It is a win-win scenario.

International Recruitment

Thanks to our vast network of foreign talents, we offer Canadian employers the best solutions to all their workforce problems. Our human resources specialists conduct an exhaustive selection process so as to offer high-level candidates with proven experience and training qualifications in the most needed trades.

Group Recruitment

If you are a large-scale employer looking to hire 20 workers or more, no worries, we have you covered! Through our network of international partners, we can offer you special services that include in-house assessments at overseas training institutions with the possibility of having your own assessor/supervisor present during the whole selection process. Please contact us for further information.


We know that settling into a new job in a new country can be challenging. For this reason, we help our candidates every step of the way in the integration process, up to 3 months after arrival. With our partner immigration consultants, we make sure that our candidates get equipped with all the tools they need for their new life in Canada. We help them with government documents like their health insurance card, and driver's license, and we offer them permanent residency support if they choose to apply.

Immigration Support

The Canadian immigration process is quite complex and requires a lot of attention. Our expert partners are there to do just that! They work with our business partners from the start of the process to ensure that all government documents are in due form. They also offer their services to the candidates once they land in Canada to pursue their permanent residency application.